Candy Mountain

Candy Mountain
Titre: Candy Mountain
De: Robert Frank
Nationalité: canadien
Date de sortie: 20 janvier 1988
Avec: Kevin J. O’Connor,Bulle Ogier,Harris Yulin
Distributeur: Plain-Chant Distribution

Candy Mountain

Rêvant de devenir une rock star, Julius part à la recherche d’Elmore Silk, dont les guitares sont devenues inestimables depuis qu’il a fui New York pour préserver son intégrité d’artiste. Son périple se déroule au rythme de chansons, à travers les cultures américaines et canadiennes.


2006 · Charlie goes to candy mountain. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. A struggling musician sets out to find the legendary guitar maker Elmore Silk, with whom he hopes to strike a deal to make himself rich and famous.

28.05.2007 · Charlie Goes to Candy Mountain By Jason Steele.

candymountain charlie the unicorn sexy candy candy yum candy! charlie unicorn charlieunicorn unicorn. After promising a rock star he would find a particular guitar-maker to procure his valuable products, a musician takes a road trip in search of the legend. On his way. Give yourself the best kind of sugar rush with this sweet treat. Crumble this pink and white helterskelter under running water to create sugar-frosted peaks that will.

Candy Mountain Massacre:Third part of the saga, Candy Mountain is once again under siege. You must battle evil in the form of candy-crazed mutants that fall from the sky.

Candy Mountain

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