Mondo New York

Mondo New York
Titre: Mondo New York
De: Harvey Keith
Nationalité: américain
Avec: Karen Finley
Distributeur: Metropolitan FilmExport

Mondo New York

Une jeune femme vit des expériences étonnantes et parfois sulfureuses en parcourant les rues de New York City.

Mondo New York is a 1988 Mondo film directed by Harvey Nikolai Keith. Overview. Mondo New York examines the lives and activities of Manhattan performance artists,.

12/11/2014 · Mondo New York is a cult classic celebration of what makes the naked city a one of a kind metropolis. With Ann Magnuson, Lydia Lunch, Joe Coleman,. OCTOBER 4-8, NEW YORK CITY. Festival & Global Business Summit Mondo.NYC is a festival and global business summit of music and … This off-beat documentary looks into the skewed and frequently depraved lives of some of New York City’s most bizarre underground performance artists. Many scenes. Mondo New York is a rare documentation of New York’s East Village performance art scene when it was just about to boil over into the mainstream. Mondo New York. 116 likes. Mondo New York is an ongoing documentation of the counterculture in NYC, and the social justice issues facing the city. 10 reviews of Mondo ‘Hands down, this is the best recruiting company I’ve worked with in New York City.

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Just ask Edmundo Huerta, now known as Di Mondo.

Mondo New York

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